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    Colourful vintage cabinets

    by  • June 28, 2013 • Organising • 2 Comments

    I love a cool, calm, white interior. But the beauty of a pared-back scheme is that when you do decide to add a pop of colour it absolutely leaps out. And how fantastic are these colourful vintage-style glass cabinets by Graham and Green.

    Just the thing for holding all of your favourite treasures, from glass perfume bottles in your bathroom, to an assortment of tins and jars in your kitchen. (Although i’m feeling anxious about that small child climbing on a wobbly chair to get to the biscuit tin)

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    Make this: Pretty jam jar lantern

    by  • June 13, 2013 • Crafting • 0 Comments

    It’s craft corner time! So clear some workspace, gather your craft supplies and put your creative hat on (figuratively speaking of course, unless you have an actual creative hat, in which case, feel free to put that on).

    With Summer holidays fast approaching and wedding season twinkling into view it’s time for a party-inspired craft corner. Step forward the super simple but very pretty jam jar lantern.

    These are a cinch to make but when grouped together on an outside table or strung from a nearby tree they look magical at dusk. Watch our video to see how to make one yourself.

    Images: Housetohome

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    White linen curtains

    by  • June 13, 2013 • One Perfect Thing • 0 Comments

    Soft, relaxed, breezy linen curtains with a ribbon tab top fastening. I hardly need to explain why these are today’s One Perfect Thing. But I will anyway.  First, they are natural linen with a gorgeous open weave. Second they are softly translucent to let a flattering glow of sunlight through. Third they are long enough to softly flutter in the breeze, and gently pool onto the floor. All essential curtain qualities in my book.

    Popular in hot Mediterranean countries, white linen curtains always make me feel like i’m on holiday and that as soon as I step through the door i’m going to be enveloped in warm, happy sunshine. I love the way they make the whole room feel lighter and brighter.

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