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    Hanging around

    by  • April 30, 2014 • Organising • 0 Comments

    4 Ways With HangersSpring cleaning, spring decorating – what is it about a Bank Holiday that drives us to get organised? Whether it’s due to some atavistic nesting instinct or not, I can’t resist the urge at this time of year to shake the dust out of my home and put things back in spic and span order.

    But in spite of the annual de-junking that accompanies these activities,  I always seem to end  up with more ‘stuff’ than I know what to do with. Which is why I love this quirky yet stylish idea of using spare coat hangers to display and organise useful and decorative items.

    4 Ways With Hangers

    Part of the appeal is being able to put these together from items I already own, thus avoiding the horror of the Bank Holiday DIY run but I also love their adaptability. Whether you use a hanger to tie on your spare craft ribbons, hang tea towels, make a photo display or use it as a magazine rack, one thing’s for sure. Coat hangers are no longer just for coats.

    Images by Polly Eltes

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    One perfect thing: purple picnic rug

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    Being a bank holiday weekend, my mind is naturally turning to al fresco dining and from there to all the beautiful accessories that come out on such occasions. This heather-hued picnic rug is a particularly luxurious example. Made by Liberty Bee out of hand spun wool from sheep just across the Shropshire border in the Welsh hills, and has leather straps.

    Given the vagaries of the English weather, it’s also backed with waxed cotton to protect you from (the inevitably) damp ground –  a perfect example of how to combine pretty and practical!

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    Love this: Easter tree

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    Trees are for all year round, not just Christmas – why should one holiday have the monopoly on all things twiggy? That is why I fully support the trend cropping up in recent years for people to decorate trees for Easter.

    This year I’m feeling pretty inspired by John Lewis’ pretty Easter range and will be creating my very own Easter ‘tree’ out of fallen branches, spray-painted white. If there’s time I hope to make my own decorations to match but have already spotted some lovely egg decorations just in case there isn’t….. such as these George Jensen filagree examples, also from John Lewis:

    Or this candy-coloured box from Dotcomgiftshop.com:dotcomgiftshop_6613991316725266
    Must make sure all my guests know not to eat these sugary looking baubles!

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