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    Jungle fever

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    This tropical hallway on theROOMedit blows my tiny mind.


    On paper, there’s no way it should work. Busy botanics on the walls, the curtain and in the next room too? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. And yet, somehow, it all comes together to look absolutely spectacular.

    After staring at it for quite some time in a sort of Magic Eye-inducing trance, I think I’ve finally figured out why. It all boils down to four cunning design tricks.

    1) Colour matching

    Someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure that the pinks used across the patterns sit as close together on the colour spectrum as possible.


    The same goes for the blues and the greens. This helps to create a harmonious look overall. If, for example, the pink on the living room wallpaper had been too orangey or the green on the curtain too yellowy, the scheme as a whole wouldn’t have worked half as well.

    2) Scale

    Look at the left-hand corner of the curtain.


    See how it blends almost seamlessly into the wallpaper behind it? That’s because whoever chose their colours so carefully also went out of their way to make sure that the scale of the leaf pattern on the curtain was almost identical to the scale of the leaf pattern on the wallpaper, helping to create a more unified look.

    3) Repetition

    The human brain naturally seeks out repetition in order to make sense of things. That’s why a room with little or no repetition in it can feel a bit chaotic. Here, the star-shaped leaf on the curtain is echoed in the star shape of the leaves in the hallway wallpaper, creating order and coherence.


    And, as already mentioned, the colours from the hallway are carefully repeated in the living room, forming a visual link between the two spaces and pulling the whole scheme together.

    But the repetition doesn’t stop there. Squint just a little bit and you’ll see that the splodges of white flowers on the hallway wallpaper subtly mirror the uneven white background on the living room wallpaper.


    And that’s not to mention the repetition of the trellis pattern on the wallpaper and the cane chair.


    I’m sure there’s plenty more I’ve missed, too. Once you start noticing repetition, you suddenly see it everywhere.

    4) A neutral canvas

    Last but not least, just imagine how different this scheme would feel if the curtain and wallpapers had been teamed with bold, bright colours in the furniture, floors and woodwork. It would all start to feel a bit overwhelming. By sticking to white and soft, neutral tones for the backdrop, the patterns can sing out without being assaultingly loud.

    This might not be the sort of look you could pull off in every household, but it’s packed full of sneaky design tips that I, for one, will be putting into practice.

    And if you are feeling brave enough to recreate the look at home, you can find out how on theROOMedit.

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    The big picture

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    There’s a big bare wall at the top of my landing that I’ve been umming and ahhing over for ages. It definitely needs something to fill it, but despite various trips to so-called ‘affordable’ art fairs, it still stares at me blankly every time I leave my bedroom.

    So when I came across this image on theROOMedit, I had a bit of an epiphany…


    Why not cover the wall with a beautiful mural instead? Not only will it look striking, but it will cost a whole lot less than finding a piece of wall art big enough to sit in the space without looking puny. You can get a cloud mural very similar to the one in the picture for less than £200 on Etsy, for example.

    I think I’m pretty sold on the cloud idea – see my previous cloud-related post for further proof of my love of all things nebulous – but there are plenty more ways to work murals into your design scheme. Here are a few spectacular examples I found on my search.


    I LOVE the way this monochrome mural sets off the blue sofa. And the hanging lantern is perfectly positioned to look as if it’s popping out of the picture.


    This tree mural is the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary – traditional because it’s in the style of an 18th-century landscape painting, contemporary because it’s been blown up and uprooted to an unexpected setting. Pairing a traditional design with sleek, modern furniture is a clever trick that always works a treat.


    And how about this for a children’s bedroom? The giant wall map adds instant wow-factor and will help the kids brush up on their geography, too.


    And last but not least, I find the exotic allure of this tropical landscape hard to resist. It conjures up images of colonial villas and gin and tonics on the veranda.

    If you want to recreate any of these looks at home, you’ll find handy shopping lists for each of them on theROOMedit.

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    My dream home

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    I can picture it clearly. Set among beautiful fields in the countryside, my dream home would be a stone farmhouse, miles from anywhere. Birds would fly around and sing their songs, there would be no traffic and I would have a view to die for.

    However, my country haven wouldn’t be too far from civilisation. I’m a city girl just now, and I’m not sure how I would cope if I wasn’t within relatively easy reach of a cocktail bar.

    Browsing theROOMedit (it’s the perfect place for inspiration), I found a home that fits the bill. It’s the kind of exterior that one might see on a postcard. The thatched roof and brickwork are so stunning that it’s hard to imagine not being happy to come home to this place.


    And now to the inside. My living room would be super comfortable, piled up with cosy throws and cushions. This room pretty much sums up my vision…


    My bedroom would make the most of structural features, such as the wooden beams and exposed brick wall here.


    My bathroom would have a freestanding bath with claw feet, like this one.


    My kitchen would be huge and open plan.


    And finally, no country home would be complete without a pet. A cute dog like this one would be top of my wish list…


    What would your perfect home look like? If you’re not entirely sure, why not join me and do a little daydreaming on theROOMedit, too?

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