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    Strange inspiration

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    Is anyone else as in love with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as I am? I’ve been borderline obsessed with Susanna Clarke’s novel for years, foisting it on all my friends, relations and, on one occasion, a stranger on the Tube. So it was with a squeal of delight that I learned that the BBC was turning it into a TV series.

    Two episodes in, and I’m completely hooked, and not just by Clarke’s captivating tale of 18th century magic. It turns out the Georgians really knew a thing or two about decorating. The show is packed full of sumptuous interiors to ogle at (when I’m not busy ogling Mr. Norrell’s glowering manservant, Childermass, that is).

    Prompted by the show, I’ve picked out some of my favourite Georgian-tinged interiors from theROOMedit.com for design inspiration.

    Heavy drapery is a hallmark of Georgian decorating – the more luxuriant the better. I love the way the deep fuchsia of this bed canopy puts a contemporary spin on a traditional style. The trellis wallpaper adds a subtle period touch, too.


    Speaking of drapery, what do you say to these stunning silk curtains? The natural wood pole helps to tone the curtains down, making them look right at home in a modern bedroom.


    Any self-respecting Georgian gent would embark on a Grand Tour in his youth, bringing back treasures he picked up along the way and proudly displaying them in his home. It’s a decorating trick that works just as well today, as this living room so expertly demonstrates. Shame we no longer have servants to do all the dusting, though.


    Running water would have been practically unheard of in Georgian times (so would baths, for that matter), nevertheless, we think we’d feel suitably stately taking a swill in this freestanding metal tub. If you happen to have a spare column base knocking around from your Grand Tour, why not use it as a handy side table?


    This Rococo-style mirror would have been far too frivolous for most 18th-century British tastes, but would certainly have appealed to interior decorators across the Channel in France.


    Besides, every good magician should own a sizable mirror. You’ll have to read or watch Jonathan Strange to find out why.

    (Told you I was foisting it on everybody).

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    Wood you?

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    The Scandi bare-wood look is ultra trendy in the land of home interiors. Wood is a wonderful material to work with, owing to its organic nature, durability and versatility. It can be left to weather and age gracefully, creating a rustic feel in the home or alternatively buffed and polished until you can see your face in it – think of shiny parquet flooring in a grand hallway entrance.

    If you love wood and are thinking of using timber in your decorating scheme, let us inspire you with these breathtaking rooms from theROOMedit.com that show off their exposed wooden features with pride…

    This contempory hallway with its unfinished pine stairway to heaven, is cool, calm and oh so inviting, accompanied by the stark stone flooring and minimal accessories.


    And this eco-friendly kitchen makes use of old floorboards, which take form as a stunning cabinet wall with intergrated stainless steel appliances – beautiful.


    The wood cladding feature wall in this chalet-style bedroom, adds warmth and comfort where it is most needed in the home. If you want to recreate this look, don’t be tempted to splash on any paint, let the wood’s natural beauty shine through.


    Lastly this tranquil bathroom, with its Alpine wood vanity units, would be the perfect place to unwind at the end of a hard day, transporting you to the inner depths of the Scandinavian forest.


    Would you decorate your home with bare wood?

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    Toying with toile

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    Toile de Jouy has been gracing our homes for almost 250 years. First printed in Jouy-en-Josas in France, the name literally translates as ‘cloth from Jouy’, but has come to refer to the distinctive design featuring 18th-century pastoral scenes, usually printed in just one colour on a white background.

    Traditional toile is as popular as ever, but a few enterprising designers have decided to put a 21st-century spin on this classic print.

    Glasgow Toile, Timorous Beasties

    Timorous Beasties are one of my all-time favourites when it comes to wallpaper and fabric design. Their Glasgow Toile is typically witty:


    At first glance it appears to be a respectable toile in the traditional style, but look more closely and you’ll find satirical scenes from modern Glaswegian life – including a junkie passed out on a park bench and a man weeing against a tree.

    They also do a slightly more genteel Edinburgh Toile (though the statue of David Hume has been defiled with a traffic cone) and a London Toile featuring a hold-up at gunpoint.

    China Town Toile, Dan Funderburgh

    Here’s another urban take on toile, this time featuring New York’s Chinatown.


    It’s by Brooklyn-based artist Dan Funderburgh and strikes the same irreverent tone as the Timorous Beasties prints, complete with unconscious drunk and ‘I Heart NY’ plastic bag snagged on a tree.

    Toile de Joui, K-lou design

    Next up, something naughty but nice: this rather cheeky print by French duo K-lou design.


    It swaps toile’s traditional scenes of ladies flouncing about fields in bonnets for images of 18th-century boudoir shenanigans.

    I think it would add a fun touch to a cloakroom – though perhaps not in a house where children are likely to be present.

    Playtime, Piere Frey

    Like traditional toiles, Pierre Frey’s Playtime harks back to an idyllic past, though this time it’s the 1960s rather than the 1760s.


    Ok, so technically toile is supposed to feature shades of a single colour, but the way the figures are posed is so similar in form to the classic toile that I’ve decided this still counts.

     Doctor Who Toile, Spoonflower

    Last but not least is this brilliant Doctor Who Toile, featuring the Tardis and either Daleks or Weeping Angels, two of the Doctor’s most dreaded foes (personally, I’d go for the Weeping Angels as I reckon they’d annihilate the Daleks in a fight any day).


    It’s the ultimate home buy for the interiors geek who also happens to be, well… just a regular geek.

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