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    Be your own interior designer with My Design School

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    The past 12 months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me, home wise. We bought our place last July and were thrilled to finally own a place after years of renting – in places with varying degrees of ‘style’ and bathroom mould.

    While tremendously exciting, homeownership brings all manor of challenges, not least redecorating and renovating, especially if you’re a beginner.

    We were SO excited to finally be allowed to paint the walls that we took to it with gusto, transforming the hallway and lounge in the first few months (and getting rid of a dark green dado and matching door frames in the process).

    klc mds paint hg

    While I’m pleased to have spruced the place up, and put our stamp on it, I’m not entirely sure we have the colours and layout nailed (yet). But we’re beginners with not much experience and even less cash so we have to start somewhere.

    Which is where My Design School comes in. The online interiors course is perfect for first time homeowners desperate to get going on projects, or for anyone that wants to learn a new skill at home – all from the comfort of the sofa.

    My kind of learning.


    The course, which runs for five weeks from September 14, covers everything you need to get your colour and space perfect. Best of all, you can cover the course in your own time, so you can log in and learn when you have time to really take it all in.

    The course costs £399, but you can get a whopping £100 off with the code BG0715, plus it throws in 20% off at WallpaperDirect.

    Sound good? Sign up at KLC.com.

    See you online!

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    Share your style secrets for your chance to win big!

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    I like nothing better than nosing around other people’s houses. More4’s back-to-back Location, Location, Location marathons are my guilty Sunday afternoon pleasure and I can’t go to a friend’s house without taking the tour (I pride myself on being able to spot the smallest of changes – picture frame movement, different coloured skirting, the lot).

    If you’re the same, you are going to love taking part in our homes survey, which asks YOU to share your style secrets and renovation experiences – the good, the bad and the… regrettable.

    Do you always finish the DIY projects you start? Or do you begin them with a hopeful grin on your face only to run out of time, energy and cash mid-way – or even quarter-way! – through?


    I must admit I’m the latter. Our stair banister has been a work in paint-stripping progress for the last six months. Shabby chic, right? Well, something to that effect…

    And how about working with your loved ones on projects? Are your joint efforts a breeze and always to plan or is decorating together a never-ending tiff?

    Whether you’ve had an epic decorating disaster or never put a paintbrush wrong in your life, we would love you to share your stories on our sister site, theROOMedit.

    As a thank you for taking part in our poll, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win £400 to spend at Dunelm.

    Don’t miss out – the survey takes a few moments to complete,  and the prize will take quite a while to spend. You can complete it here.

    We’ll share the findings after the closing date of June 30.

    Good luck!

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    Bath blues: To tub or not to tub?

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    The next stage in Operation Renovate is our bathroom. The room, like the house, isn’t the biggest space and currently has a pretty sad electric shower over the bath at one end, with a more powerful hand-held shower head over the taps.

    The hand-held shower system is much more powerful, so I tend to use that day-to-day, which essentially feels like I’m an elephant getting a hose down at the zoo (lovely image, I know).

    I’m not really a bath person, and prefer a killer shower, so we’re thinking of ripping out the bath completely and replacing it with a walk in power shower, also known as The Shower to end All Showers.

    But is taking the tub away completely a good idea?


    The design I'm hooked on. But is it a good idea?

    The design I’m hooked on. But is it a good idea?

    The pros:

    It saves water

    I’m all for doing my bit to save the planet, and as our house is on a water metre, any saving goes a long way. Showers, of course, use less water than a long soak in the tub, so taking out the option of having a bath will only help the purse strings.

    More space

    As well my bathroom being pretty dinky, the room is also an awkward shape. The tub is currently tucked away in a corner, sticking out into the main space of the room. Ripping this out will open the room up, and allow a walk-in shower space to take its place.

    Stronger stream

    A shower head over a bath is, nine times out of 10, not half as powerful as a stand alone shower. Something that is always welcome, especially on hair washing days.

    Roll top bath

    The dream tub (there is no space for this. Literally, none).

    The cons:

    No soak in the tub – ever again?

    While I’m not a regular dipper, I do occasionally like a long soak with a glass of red and a good book. Taking the bath tub away means this sporadic soak won’t be on the cards at all – and asking a friend if you can come over and use their bath screams student living. Which is best forgotten, I think we can all agree.

    Selling potential

    While I never, ever want to go through the process of buying another house (seriously, there has to be a better way to do it!) I know that our two up, two down isn’t a forever home, and a shower over a bath is likely to a be a bigger selling point. But, as my dad says, homes are for living in. We don’t use the tub, so why waste the space?

    What do you have at home, a shower, tub or both?

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