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    A touch of vintage charm for every room

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    Cool and quirky interior treats used in the right rooms can give your home real charm, creating a relaxed environment with oodles of personality and character.

    Vintage accessories, furniture and trinkets are easy ways to add a certain somethin-somethin’ to your home. Think character, charm and quirkiness and you’re pretty much onto a vintage winner.

    But if you’re not really sure where to start with the vintage trend (FYI it’s one of the most popular interior trends at the moment so you’ll be in good company), our friends at theROOMedit are here to help.

    The site is jam packed with style guides and shopping lists for you to get the look you love – and find new ideas – which is where we found these vintage beauties for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

    If these pieces have whet your appetite, visit theROOMedit for more amazing vintage decorating ideas.

    Happy shopping!

    1. For your living room


    Simple Scandi outlines and quishy cosy leather make this gorgeous living room a winner. Shop the look for this one with our tailored shopping list.

    2. For your kitchen


    Vintage style is all about uniqueness – as this off-the-wall splashback proves. The decorative, regal figures will create an instant focal point in your kitchen, and we’ve found when to buy them!

    3. For your bathroom


    A fancy mantel mirror will lift any room – bathrooms included. We love the bird cage addition in front of the fireplace, and we’ve found perfect bird accessories to match.

    4. For your dining room


    An Ornate Wall Sconce livens up pastel walls in a flash. We’ve found one of these beauties for £29.99.


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    Design your dream room with our style guides

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    When we renovated our kitchen earlier this year (from grotty and lilac to sleek and chic, even if I do say so myself…) it took a fair few months of planning prep. It wasn’t just the first project in our new home, it was our first project EVER.

    We’d only ever tackled painting before this, so needed to put serious thought into the design – after all, we only wanted to do it the once.


    While I’m delighted with the results, we certainly let the builder take the lead on where things went – from the cupboards to the shelves and everything in-between.

    For our next big project – turning our dated family bathroom into a killer shower room – I feel like I want to tackle the design ourselves, which is where these nifty style guides from our sister site, theROOMedit, come in.


    The guides – one for kitchens and one for bathrooms – are free to download, and cover everything from style and layout ideas to design tips and practical considerations to think about before it’s go, go go time.

    Design ideas COVER

    The bathroom guide is going to be a must-read before we start working on ripping our room apart, and the bedroom version will certainly come in handy when we tackle the master bedroom.

    Sound good? You can download both guides for free here.



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    The ‘I heart grey fan club’

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    This week I officially pledged my allegiance to the ‘I heart grey fan club’ – and unlike the ‘I hate Rachel Green club’ in Friends it seems to have more than just two members.

    Yes, grey is having a bit of a moment – and rightly so.

    It’s the perfect neutral shade to build a room on and offers so many shades and depths that it can be used in every room.


    I dipped my toes in the grey furnishing water when we bought our first big item for our house. After several trips to DFS (on the last trip the salesman actually greeted us like old friends and said ‘Hi guys! I’ll leave you to it as usual’), we settled on a fabulous light grey two-seater sofa with matching scatter cushions.

    And a year on, I still love it.

    As we bought the sofa before we started re-decorating the house, it needed to be something neutral that we could build a room – and carpet – around. It’s done its job very well indeed.

    Now the time has come to think about decorating the two bedrooms, my membership to the grey appreciation club is being flexed again.


    Some friends of mine recently painted their living room a fantastic light grey – Dimpse from Farrow and Ball. The colour worked perfectly with white doorframes and skirting boards and it made the room look huge (but not at all cold – another string to grey’s bow).

    So how about grey in the bedroom – yay or nay? I think it’s a winner, but I have been looking for ways to perk it up, particularly in the master bedroom.


    If you don’t want a room to look too industrial (or industri-COOL – my pun of the week), there are several ways to cosy it up. Think tone and texture with your furnishing and colour pops – and brighten up a bedroom with a printed bedspread and pillows.

    If in-your-face colour isn’t really your bag, yellow and gold work really well for a touch of somethin’-somethin’ in your room.

    Are you always a member of the ‘I heart grey fan club’? What’s your favourite look?

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