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    My big green garden renovation

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    In September last year my partner and I moved in to our first house and subsequently gained our first garden. The previous owners had lived there for five years but hadn’t touched the garden during that time, apart from to cut it back when it started looking more like a jungle than an actual garden.

    Jungle garden - the before

    When we moved in, it was overgrown to say the least – we had a grape vine (yes, grapes) growing all the way across the garden and into a tree, an apple tree (that while fruiting in abundance was very much diseased) and more weeds than we could shake a stick at.

    Garden full of weeds

    One afternoon we decided to tackle the garden (to the best of our abilities). With a little help from family we chopped, pruned, dug, strimmed and hacked our way through the afternoon and were left with a space that looked dramatically different and much, much bigger.

    Garden after strimming

    We left the garden for the winter in the hope that the frost would kill some of the weeds, with a view to tackling the garden properly come spring. Well spring has sprung, the weeds are growing with a vengeance and we’ve decided that rather than tackle the necessary rotivating, turfing and new fencing that is needed with our wholly insufficient skills, that it would probably be best to get someone in.


    The previous owners of our house were very much into their DIY, which wasn’t always a good thing. It’s a beautiful Victorian house but every room has at least one bodge job, from excessive plug sockets in really weird places to skirting boards too short for the room… So we have decided to do things properly (and by properly, I mean getting someone who actually knows what they are doing to do it for us).


    Wish us luck!

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