• Balancing Act

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    It may be a good few weeks since Pantone released its pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity as the Colour(s) of 2016, but this week I’ve been honing in on those tones almost subconsciously. I have no issue with them picking more than one colour (really, why would I?) but now – looking at it properly – I think I ‘get’ it.

    The crisp, warm blue kissed with the optimistic glow of a powdery pink. Together, they’re like a soothing dusk sky. A place of balance between two states. Neither overly sweet/ romantic nor excessively cool and aloof. It’s neutral ground, but without being remotely bland!

    I love colour, am near-obsessed with texture (my Instagram feed bears witness to that) and do think that when it comes to décor a brilliant-white base is ideal. However, all-white rooms are not for me. A home always needs a burst of colour or a zhoozh of pattern to make it less clinical and more personal. With that in mind, I went on a little hunt for Pantone-acceptable homeware.

    Knowing that our friends at Livingetc are always on top of the trends, my first stop was their Edit at Clippings.com, where I happily discovered some beautiful pieces that loosely fit the brief for 2016 (and beyond).

    Painter Pink Navy

    These Painter Cushions by textile designer Kangan Arora have more than perfectly blended colours – their fluid, painterly pattern is infused with movement and energy. Perfect for perking up a living space.



    Admittedly not the most quartz-like of pinks or serene of blues, but the terracotta and grey tones do feature in the swatches of hues that complement the core Pantone colours.  I love the 3-D abstract feel of these Nick Fraser pendants .


    Cobra-Yellow & Light pink (3)

    Like a cross between a flamingo and a cheery duckling, this Cobra chair puts that perfect pink to great use. It’s making you smile, isn’t it?



    Statement flooring like this Jama Khan rug would act as a perfect foil to Serenity-coloured paintwork or soft furnishings. I feel optimistic just looking at it.

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