• Bath blues: To tub or not to tub?

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    The next stage in Operation Renovate is our bathroom. The room, like the house, isn’t the biggest space and currently has a pretty sad electric shower over the bath at one end, with a more powerful hand-held shower head over the taps.

    The hand-held shower system is much more powerful, so I tend to use that day-to-day, which essentially feels like I’m an elephant getting a hose down at the zoo (lovely image, I know).

    I’m not really a bath person, and prefer a killer shower, so we’re thinking of ripping out the bath completely and replacing it with a walk in power shower, also known as The Shower to end All Showers.

    But is taking the tub away completely a good idea?


    The design I'm hooked on. But is it a good idea?

    The design I’m hooked on. But is it a good idea?

    The pros:

    It saves water

    I’m all for doing my bit to save the planet, and as our house is on a water metre, any saving goes a long way. Showers, of course, use less water than a long soak in the tub, so taking out the option of having a bath will only help the purse strings.

    More space

    As well my bathroom being pretty dinky, the room is also an awkward shape. The tub is currently tucked away in a corner, sticking out into the main space of the room. Ripping this out will open the room up, and allow a walk-in shower space to take its place.

    Stronger stream

    A shower head over a bath is, nine times out of 10, not half as powerful as a stand alone shower. Something that is always welcome, especially on hair washing days.

    Roll top bath

    The dream tub (there is no space for this. Literally, none).

    The cons:

    No soak in the tub – ever again?

    While I’m not a regular dipper, I do occasionally like a long soak with a glass of red and a good book. Taking the bath tub away means this sporadic soak won’t be on the cards at all – and asking a friend if you can come over and use their bath screams student living. Which is best forgotten, I think we can all agree.

    Selling potential

    While I never, ever want to go through the process of buying another house (seriously, there has to be a better way to do it!) I know that our two up, two down isn’t a forever home, and a shower over a bath is likely to a be a bigger selling point. But, as my dad says, homes are for living in. We don’t use the tub, so why waste the space?

    What do you have at home, a shower, tub or both?

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    1. Katy Easey
      June 19, 2015 at 11:24 am

      We have just added a stand alone watercan shower (with pump) above our existing bath which already has a traditional shower head attachment. Worth the extra work – looks great and now have the best of both worlds!

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