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    A room for all seasons

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    Is it me or does ‘Winter is coming’ seem to be the declaration of every person in earshot (Game of Thrones fans taking extra pleasure in this), as the weather teeters back and forth between balmy days and chill-laden nights? Autumn, the weird but beautiful season where we Brits cling onto any warmth that can be drawn from a single ray of sunshine, whilst secretly yearning to wrap up in cosy knits. Is there an unspoken time limit on our globally renowned weather chat that dictates that we can only moan about summery heat for so long, before switching to declare that we miss it dreadfully and are counting the days ‘til it rolls around again?

    Could we maybe balance it all out somehow? By surrounding ourselves with homeware that defies the dark thoughts that come with short days? Create rooms that offer clarity, optimism, energy and warmth all year round? I think so. These rooms (sourced from theROOMedit) would be my own personal solutions – do you connect with any of them?

    The Travel RoomTravel room via theROOMedit | The Relaxed Home|A Room for all Seasons

    I may be a travel addict of epic proportions but, when it’s cold, I don’t think I’m alone in dreaming of foreign lands. Surrounding myself with maps and trinkets that remind me of my trips makes me feel more cheerful instantly. Mostly because they have the power to transport you (in your mind at least) to a warmer time and place!

    Not Feeling JadedJade and metal living room via theROOMedit | The Relaxed Home | A room for all seasons

    Just looking at this picture makes me feel calm, something that makes perfect sense when you consider that opulent Jade is believed to promote wisdom, balance and peace. Add in shimmering, tactile metallics and tropical plants for all-year-round luxury that ensures you forget your weather worries.

    Singing the BluesBlue living room via theROOMedit | The Relaxed Home | A room for all seasons

    I’m feeling blue, and no, I don’t mean I’m sad. Blue is a fabulous all-year round colour that opens you up to thoughts of happily walking under cloudless skies. I love this blend of cool and warm hues, layered with patterned sheers and plumped-up cushions – it’s simple, timeless and optimistic.

    Artful (season) DodgingTropical Artwork via theROOMedit | The Relaxed Home | A room for all seasons Anthropologie throws | The Relaxed Home | A room for all seasons

    Organic artwork, embellished textiles (such as these nifty throws from Anthropologie), saturated colours… after the initial hunt for new accessories distracts you from the changing seasons, they give you something to stare (and smile) at rather than focusing on what’s outside the window.

    Season? What season?

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    Let’s go retro!

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    It has come to that time of year again where summer is drawing to a close and the kids are back to school. It is times like this that make me feel like I want to get organsied about things new term, new you – you know the drill.

    After I came back from my holiday I had one of those moments where I wanted to redecorate, reinvent and try to become more organised with work. So as I pondered, I thought what better way to do all of this than to create a new home office?

    I’ve looked through all of the home offices on housetohome.co.uk and have chosen my favourite retro designs which I think would make a beautiful, organised space for any home.


    This retro home office is beautifully neat and tidy as well as stylish and interesting. The hexagonal shelving is a quirky addition which makes the office more unique and fun. Who says offices have to be all work and no play? I also love the use of bright primary colours with a neutral colour scheme as they add a pop of colour and brighten up the sophisiticated space.


    If you’re inspired by the retro style office, try opting for an old-style wooden desk such as the one above. I love this desk as it is understated yet still a beautiful piece of furniture. The oak finish and the vintage design give a rustic feel and fit perfectly with many different colour schemes.

    This style desk would look great in a home office that has a neutral colour scheme with unusual features and flecks of brighter colours as it is not too bold or overpowering yet can still act as a statement feature.


    Or, if you’re looking for a retro style home office that isn’t so bold you can always go for basic furniture and brighter accessories. This  office has a simple black desk chair which is sleek and effortlessly beautiful. Simple desk chairs like this can be paired with patterned wallpaper to enhance the retro style without being too bright and ambitious.

    Think about the combination you use wisely, just because you want the retro look, doesn’t mean you to have to opt for everything neon! Pair brighter wallpaper and storage boxers with plain desks and units to avoid overcomplicating the colour scheme.


    When it comes to a home office, one of the most important parts is having a lot of storage. I absolutely love these upycled retro glass door bookcases from FurnitureEtc. These bookcases are a great addition if you want to keep a neutral colour scheme and go retro with accessories. The monochrome colours on these bookshelves work well with neutral schemes as they add interest and a fun, vibrant feel to the retro home office look.

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    The ‘I heart grey fan club’

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    This week I officially pledged my allegiance to the ‘I heart grey fan club’ – and unlike the ‘I hate Rachel Green club’ in Friends it seems to have more than just two members.

    Yes, grey is having a bit of a moment – and rightly so.

    It’s the perfect neutral shade to build a room on and offers so many shades and depths that it can be used in every room.


    I dipped my toes in the grey furnishing water when we bought our first big item for our house. After several trips to DFS (on the last trip the salesman actually greeted us like old friends and said ‘Hi guys! I’ll leave you to it as usual’), we settled on a fabulous light grey two-seater sofa with matching scatter cushions.

    And a year on, I still love it.

    As we bought the sofa before we started re-decorating the house, it needed to be something neutral that we could build a room – and carpet – around. It’s done its job very well indeed.

    Now the time has come to think about decorating the two bedrooms, my membership to the grey appreciation club is being flexed again.


    Some friends of mine recently painted their living room a fantastic light grey – Dimpse from Farrow and Ball. The colour worked perfectly with white doorframes and skirting boards and it made the room look huge (but not at all cold – another string to grey’s bow).

    So how about grey in the bedroom – yay or nay? I think it’s a winner, but I have been looking for ways to perk it up, particularly in the master bedroom.


    If you don’t want a room to look too industrial (or industri-COOL – my pun of the week), there are several ways to cosy it up. Think tone and texture with your furnishing and colour pops – and brighten up a bedroom with a printed bedspread and pillows.

    If in-your-face colour isn’t really your bag, yellow and gold work really well for a touch of somethin’-somethin’ in your room.

    Are you always a member of the ‘I heart grey fan club’? What’s your favourite look?

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