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    When I was little I used to sit in my grandma’s favourite wing-back armchair, brushing the velvet the wrong way, then smoothing it back out, because I was fascinated by the way the nap looked and felt different. That interest in materials did not fade: you only have to look at my Instagram account to know that I’m a bit obsessed with textures. In among the drawings, architecture and sunset pics, you’ll find a series of images that take in everything from distressed walls of peeling paint and wind-stripped wood grain to reflections in high-gloss surfaces and the tonal shifts between concrete and tarmac. When I see these things, I can’t help but snap them. They just draw me in.


    Yes, that might sound weird but, hey, tactility and design go hand in hand. Look at your home; some people love a sharp, minimal line, others deep, slouchy fabrics. Ultimately, if you don’t want to touch, use or interact with your home’s accessories or furniture, you have to ask: why do you have it?


    Anyhow, what you’re asking right now is if there is a point to this. I was just trying to explain why, when there was so much to look at in the Clippings.com Sale , I gravitated towards these five touchable items.


    Shift up a gear

    Blur Sofa - Clippings.com

    You might not think that Moroso’s Blur Sofa is technically about texture – more a tonal shift you could say – but with the fade-through comes a dappled, layered effect that makes me think of pulling screen prints. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the colours (sunset shades are a winner for me but, for more conservative homeowners, it also comes in black and grey). Perhaps it’s the neat angled shape? Whichever, I’m back in the velvet wing-back chair in my grandma’s flat simply by looking at this…  Basically, it makes me happy. And the fact that it’s reduced by nearly £500 also does!


    Top of the rock


    ‘Sensorial glorification’ – that’s what designer Enrico Zanolla’s work is about, according to the blurb on the site. Isn’t it just? The powder-coated metal top looks like a cross-section of a fossil and, while I may be no geologist, I find it kind of mesmerising. Blended with that pale smooth-grained wood leg, it’s perfection.

    Fractal Coffee Table, £242.46.


    Just fell out of bed


    It seems likely that the OCD among us will not appreciate this cushion, but the ex-art student in me LOVES it – it’s like that drawing/ love letter/ piece of creative writing that you scrunch up in rage, and then go back (remorsefully) to try to unfurl. The idea of rough paper printed on a smooth surface is a smart sensory trick that means you get the best of both worlds. Plus, that paper texture works beautifully with a series of colour ways (there are plenty to choose from), making this cushion a great way to add interest to a sofa, chair or bed, without going for traditional pattern. Oh, and it’s half price at the moment, too.

    Lilac Crinkled Paper Print Cushion by Suzanne Goodwin, £37.50.


    Beaming with joy



    Smooth. Shiny. Matt. Warm. Reflective. Do you want me to go on? This golden lamp is about more than materials – it’s also a sculptural dream, as it can be reconfigured in a series of abstract/ geometric formations, each of which accentuates the almost touchable metallic finish in a different way. (I say ‘almost’ because no-one wants to get burnt). Total highlight.

    Multi-Lite Pendant Light from Gubi, £453.05


    Time-honoured tradition


    This collection of unglazed purple clay tableware shows just how beautiful untreated materials can be. Rich, aubergine melds with a natural copper-colour, which sits on the surface adding more depth and beauty to this set that is based on traditional Japanese ceramics. In contrast, the plates and spoons are crafted from European maple, highlighting the quiet, inherent qualities of these designs. Who’s turn is it to make tea?

    Silt Collection by Viewport Studio, £276.50 for a 15-piece set


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