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    While I adore my house – my first proper home after years of bleak renting – it’s not the largest house in the world. In fact, I’m pretty sure we bought the smallest pad in south London – as you walk down my road the large, grand houses slowly get smaller and smaller…and we’re right at the end.

    When we moved in last year we found a temporary home for everything (under the sofa for the board games!) with intentions to replace cheap and cheerful furniture with better quality, streamlined storage solutions.

    My kitchen has already been taken care of. A total refit with ACTUAL CUPBOARDS rather than curtained-off areas has given us oodles of space for cooking and baking equipment, and now the time has come to think about the other rooms – also known as the bedroom and living room seeing as there isn’t space for any others.

    Our sister site TheROOMedit is celebrating clever storage tricks with its dedicated #StorageSolutions campaign, showcasing those crafty little numbers that can help with stuffocation symptoms.

    Here are a few of my favourites – now, if I could just find room for them…!

    Lotions and potions


    The next big project for our home is a refit of the bathroom. I’ve spent more time than I have to spare thinking about how best to fit storage in the room, and this bathroom sink set sums up the base case scenario – two storage cupboards and two sinks. It’s win-win.

    Boxy beauty


    This slim line unit gives loads of storage space for books, make up and general paraphernalia I hoard on my bedside table. This way I could have ‘read’ ‘to read’ and ‘library books’ shelves. My kind of storage!

    Clever coffee table


    We don’t currently have a coffee table, which means magazines and cups of tea (and possibly plates of biccies) get left on the floor. A clever coffee table unit like this could be a game-changer for lazy living room owners just like me.


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