• Rifle through the beauty

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    In a few weeks, you will see me showing my love for this gorgeous Rifle Paper Company art print I procurred from Northlight for our Shop & Tell series.
    And can you blame me?Rifle Monarch printThe painterly style. The timeless floral theme. The bang-on-trend spring 2015 palette.  It’s all there and then some.
    Add to that the affordability (£18.80) and it’s blooming marvellous.

    So I was further thrilled to get a glimpse of what Rifle is doing for spring 2015. More lovely art prints…

    Rifle art prints… stunning signature card collection…Rifle art cards…and what caught my eye the hardest: these gasp-worthy recipe boxes.Rifle recipe card boxesI don’t know what I want most, but thankfully I have until the collection comes out in mid-April to decide.
    Find the majority of the Rifle Paper Company goods through Northlight.

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