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    From tired old tub to sleek power shower – it’s new bathroom time!

    by  • December 8, 2015 • Living • 2 Comments

    Replacing our bathroom was the next big job after our kitchen renovation in May.

    The rather ridiculously shaped room had very tired floor-to-ceiling tiles, a tub that had seen better days and a sad electric shower holding the whole thing together.

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    The tub’s number was up a long time ago when we decided to rip it out and replace it with a sleek shower enclosure which would make much better use of the space.

    Plus we wanted the rain shower to end all rain showers –  like in hotels when you can’t believe your Expedia-booking luck.

    The whole room was ripped out (the day the heavy tiles brought down the plaster board walls was a particular highlight…), before the builders installed the new fixtures and fittings (all in all about £600 from Victoria Plum), re-plastered the walls and began the tiling and floor work.

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    I fell in love with the large metro tiles at first sight (officially the Diamante Teal range from Topps Tiles but I have renamed them ‘Wahaca Teal’), and we wanted vinyl flooring fitted to keep the re-fit on budget.

    The vinyl replaced large, grubby floor tiles which were awfully cold if you nipped into the bathroom without slippers and were a pain to keep clean.

    HgRBQJ2Ml8Z1YneuTaMnEBduTlQ4-cIckrIsMR2JSn0           v_2IQSIfxuXJWn_2KVz6_RxhAP6FZXEZTBm9AysJes8

    The difference is amazing – the room instantly feels warmer and more welcoming.

    We finished the room with ‘powder grey’ bathroom paint from the Wickes bathroom range, and white on the ceiling, skirting and door frame – getting rid of the gloss green felt as good as you can imagine!

    What do you think?

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    5 things you learn when you have your bathroom renovated

    by  • October 28, 2015 • Living • 1 Comment

    Earlier this month I had my bathroom ripped out. Literally the room was ripped out. The flooring came up and the walls actually came down (turns out removing heavy wall-to-ceiling tiles pulls plaster boards clean off).

    After two loooong weeks, our cramped bathroom with painfully weak electric shower over a very old tub was replaced with a fancy-pants walk-in power shower. Naturally, a project is never really finished, and we’re still painting.


    So, until I have amazing before and after photos in a ‘this bathroom doesn’t look like this anymore’ manner, here are a few pearls of wisdom I have learnt along the way…

    1. You cannot control the mess

    Everything for the new bathroom was neatly stored in the spare room – next to the bathroom. Naturally, the storage system completely went to pot as soon as the work started, and our two-up two-down quickly became more dusty than a desert. After a few days of vacuuming manically each evening after work, I gave up trying to keep the place together and embraced the mess. The big clean after the builder left was the best feeling ever!

    2. You learn the art of hair washing in the sink

    Rainy dark nights are not conducive to packing up your washing paraphernalia and trekking to the gym. The sink hair wash became my new party trick, and by the end of the first week I’d even managed to keep the floor dry throughout proceedings!

    3. You have to trust your instincts

    We debated about removing the bath and having just a shower for months. The jury was out amongst friends and colleagues whether it was the right thing to do, but we were convinced it was a much better use of the small space available. And we were right. The shower fits brilliantly in the awkwardly-shaped room and the room feels miles bigger.

    4. When the builder’s done, it’s not actually done

    Once the finishing touches have been done and the tools have been packed up…it’s still not finished. We’re painting the room ourselves to save a bit of cash and as the walls, ceiling, skirting and (currently gloss green!) door frame all need two coats, it will be another week before we’re all finished. But it doesn’t matter because…

    5. …The first shower is the shower to end all showers!

    Stepping into the shower for the first time and feeling the power ‘rain shower’ hurtle down on your skin after two weeks without washing in your own bathroom is possibly the best feeling in the world.

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    Game-changing storage solutions

    by  • September 23, 2015 • Organising • 1 Comment

    While I adore my house – my first proper home after years of bleak renting – it’s not the largest house in the world. In fact, I’m pretty sure we bought the smallest pad in south London – as you walk down my road the large, grand houses slowly get smaller and smaller…and we’re right at the end.

    When we moved in last year we found a temporary home for everything (under the sofa for the board games!) with intentions to replace cheap and cheerful furniture with better quality, streamlined storage solutions.

    My kitchen has already been taken care of. A total refit with ACTUAL CUPBOARDS rather than curtained-off areas has given us oodles of space for cooking and baking equipment, and now the time has come to think about the other rooms – also known as the bedroom and living room seeing as there isn’t space for any others.

    Our sister site TheROOMedit is celebrating clever storage tricks with its dedicated #StorageSolutions campaign, showcasing those crafty little numbers that can help with stuffocation symptoms.

    Here are a few of my favourites – now, if I could just find room for them…!

    Lotions and potions


    The next big project for our home is a refit of the bathroom. I’ve spent more time than I have to spare thinking about how best to fit storage in the room, and this bathroom sink set sums up the base case scenario – two storage cupboards and two sinks. It’s win-win.

    Boxy beauty


    This slim line unit gives loads of storage space for books, make up and general paraphernalia I hoard on my bedside table. This way I could have ‘read’ ‘to read’ and ‘library books’ shelves. My kind of storage!

    Clever coffee table


    We don’t currently have a coffee table, which means magazines and cups of tea (and possibly plates of biccies) get left on the floor. A clever coffee table unit like this could be a game-changer for lazy living room owners just like me.


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