• That Seventies Showcase

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    The Seventies: when flares had flair, shoes were as stacked as your shelving and no-one was scared of patterns so loud you could virtually hear them before you saw them.

    Like almost every trend going, Seventies style has ridden the rollercoaster downwards, and is now on the up-and-up again. And I, for one, am enjoying this revival.

    I’m not referring to the boho-macrame-peasant-crafts elements, more the glamour at the other end of the scale; the polished metal, wood-clad walls, soft leather and gleaming glass.

    Maybe it’s nostalgia (because I grew up in a Seventies-built house, with all its quirks and never-seen-elsewhere design features), or perhaps it’s the influence of TV shows and vintage magazines. Who knows. But I dare you to tell me that if you put these refurbished or pre-loved pieces from FurnitureEtc into the right space, they wouldn’t look truly incredible. Or, if you want to use Seventies terminology, totally rad.


    Beam me up

    Italian 70s glass chandelier

    This stalactite-esque chandelier with its oblong glass droplets originated in Italy, where style hit its stride in the Seventies. On sale for £875, think of it as a functional sculpture and make it a focal point of your living space.


    Divide and conquer 

    Avalon 1970s teak room divider

    This teak piece – known as the Avalon – is more than your average cabinet. It’s a room divider too. Ideal for the super-social dinner-party era it was constructed in, it should be right up the street of multi-tasking millennials.


    The lap of Luxury

    Mogensen style Danish leather sofa

    Something about this sofa reminds me off a well-worn, favoured leather jacket – it’s seriously comfortable and never goes out of style. It may have something to do with this Morgensen style seating being Danish, the nation that owns the idea of ‘understated luxury’.


    Totally bamboo(zled)

    Maison Bagues brass bamboo-effect tables

    With their smoked glass and bamboo-inspired brasswork (with an aged patina), these French Maison Bagues (attributed) side tables are the furniture equivalent of a pair of Farrah Fawcett’s sunglasses. The finishing touch to an iconic style.


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